This page is to try to figure out who/what has used all of our internet this month at S & B Apartments.



This graph the internet usage for everyone at the aparmtments for last month and thin month.

Last month 118 GB of data was used.  This month, there has been 974 GB used.  Take note at the top of the graph, the total usage per month cannot exceed 1024 GB.    



From 4:45 yesterday until 4:45 today, there was 50 GB of data used. That amount of data is considered HEAVY usage for a household of 4 people for a month. I cannot figure out who is doing what or who has what running that is eating up so much data.  


Here is why all of this is a problem.  Once the 1024 GB of data is gone, there will be no more until the first of the month.  Additional data is $10 for 50 GB.  That means, at the rate of usage today, I would have to buy another 5 days of data at a cost of $50.   Sorry but I am not gonna do that.

If we can’t figure out who/what is usiing so much data, everyone will have to pay more per month to move up to the terabyte plan.  


Read through the suggestion below and follow them please.  Text me if you find anything you have been doing that may be using the data so we can share the info to keep others from doing the same thing.



Ways to decrease you data usage.  

HD vs Standard Def

This is a BIG one.  If you go off and leave your TV playing in HD, you will use all of your internet plus your neighbors.  Netflix uses about 1 GB of data per hour for each stream of standard definition video, and up to 3 GB per hour for each stream of HD video. 

#1 don’t go off and leave your tv on.  If your not watching, turn it off.

#2 Change your setting on your streaming program to standard definition.

Don't Leave TV on 24/7

If you are using an internet service to watch tv, every minute that it is on, it is using data.  If you are not watching, TURN IT OFF.  


Streaming Music

Streaming music uses data. You can easily use a GB of data per day by leaving music playing. If your not listening, turn it off. Another way to save is to make a playlist and down load it.


Webcams and Skype

Streaming visual files, as when communicating via Webcam and using programs like Skype and  MSN use lots of data.  Don’t leave them open once you are done talking.


Turn Off Computer / Use Sleep Mode / Home Screen

You don’t think of a computer using much data but if you leave it on 24 / 7, it adds up.

If you leave your computer on, don’t leave it on a page that refreshes like a news page that updates every 5 minutes.  Every page refresh, uses data.    Leave it on the home screen or set it to go to sleep after 15 minutes of no use. 

Don't Share Your Password

Passwords will be changed as soon as Rob the tech guy can get over there.  If you share your password, it hurts everyone.  If you have shared the password to your router so that you neighbor can log in, change it and tell them to talk to me about getting their own internet.  

Cell Phone and Tablet

All of these suggestions for use apply to your cell phone and tablets. Cell phones and tablets use data just like acomputer and your TV.



Turn off "Next Episode"

All of the television services such as Amazon, Netflix and Hulu off ther option to Automatically play the next episode in whatever series you are watchin.  TURN IT OFF.

If this is set at off, and you forget and leave your tv on, it will quit using data when it gets to the end of the episode.



Turn off Auto Play

Youtube gives you the Autoplay option in the upper right corner of the screen.  This option plays the next video in line, automatically.  If you walk off and leave Youtube playing with Autoplay on, Youtube will play one video after another, endlessly, thus eating up data.


On Line Gaming

The continuous exchange of information to synchronize players with each other and with the gaming site (ex. downloading demos or extensions) requires much more bandwidth than a network game.
#1 Don’t leave any games playing. ALWAY S turn them off. If you don’t turn them OFF, they continuously refresh and use data.


Other Options for Internet and TV

The internet service that is provided for $25 a month is a good service and should be more than enough for the few people that use it. If you don’t want to have to do any of the above things to help stop the overusage, please call me and I will get you set up with an individual Xfinity account. It will cost $60 for installation but you can get 100 channels of TV plus internet for about $65 a month. Let me know.