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If You Have A Slow or No Internet Connection

If your internet connection through gotW3 is slow or non-existent (<.1MBps), you can update your router by using your phone’s LTE internet connection. Here’s how.

Step 1: Make sure your phone is connected to the internet. 

Click on the button below. The button is linked to the Router Firmware Update page. 

Router Firmware Update

Your APN Update may automatically take place. If it does, you’ll see this message below:

If you do not see the message above, you will see the message below, prompting you to go on to Step 2 (below).

Step 2:  You need to connect to the gotW3 Wi-Fi Router connection so it can apply the new Firmware settings you just downloaded. Now connect your device (phone, laptop, iPad) to the gotW3 Wi-Fi as shown to the right.

Once connected, press the TRY AGAIN blue button from Step 1.

The Firmware will now connect to your gotW3 C4R400 Router and apply the new Firmware settings.

The “Could not connect to router” message you saw on your screen in the beginning will now read, “Trying to update. Please wait…”

Once your Router has finished applying the new APN setting, it will reboot on its own.

Once your Router has rebooted, reconnect your device to your gotW3

Wi-Fi Router. This is the final step in updating your Router.

You’ll see the image below: