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Make sure you write down the new router login and and the wi-fi password.

If you forget them, the router will have to be factory reset and reprogrammed.


Feel free to call, email or text with questions. 

You will need to change the router login password and the wifi password.  If you don’t change the login password, someone can login and change the wi-fi password back to what it was.


Log in to the router.

Open a browser and type in ( or

The password is admin.


admin login


I am working without a sim card so my screen looks different from yours but that is ok.

Click on wi-fi settings.


On the next screen click the display password box.

Change the Wireless Password to whatever you want and WRITE IT DOWN.  

Click Apply

connect status

Next, change the router login password.

Go to the top of the page and click on

Modify Login Password.


success screen


First enter the current password which is “admin”

Then enter the new password and then confirm it then WRITE IT DOWN and click apply.

This is the password to log in to the router.  If you forget it, the router will have to be factory reset and reprogrammed.



admin login

Finally, click on Logout.  You are done.

You will now have to reconnect your devices and they will need the new wi-fi password.

admin login