How to log in to a router to get the imei.
Your router came with an ethernet cable.  Its color does not matter.
Plug your router directly into your computer if your computer has an ethernet port.
If you do not have a cable or a port, follow the rest of the instructions from your cell phont.
Open your internet connections (on your phone open your wi-fi settings)
image.png image.png
Connect to the LTE CPE_xxxx network.


On the bottom of your router is a number.
It will be something like  o r
Most routers password is admin.
Open a browser.   A browser is the bar at the top of the screen.
Type in the number from your router and hit enter.
When the screen comes up the password is admin.
On the homepage of the dash, in the bottom right corner is the
number you are looking for.  The imei is the third number down.
If you take a screen shot, please make sure it is readable.