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IP Pass Through

This setting allows the NIghthawk MR1100 to send the internet signal to the Silver WG3526 and it then broadcasts the wi-fi for better coverage.

Turn off the silver router and take out the sim card.  The sim card is on the left hand side of the router, next to the lights.

Tape the sim card to the router so it does not get lost.

Get an ethernet cable and plug it into the silver router in the WAN port.

Plug the other end of the ethernet into the Nighthawk.

Log into the Nighthawk at

When the dashboard pops up go to SETTINGS  and follow the steps below.

You may need to reboot everything after you change these settings.

You will connect your devices via the silver router and the Hometown network just like you did before because you have just set it that the wi-fi is being passed into the silver router.

When IP passthrough is on/enabled, there is no wi-fi coming from the Nighthawk.

If using the IP passthrough does not work, you will need to log back into the router and disable the passthrough in order for the Nighthawk to broadcast wi-fi again.