I find it interesting how people get into “things”. Folks wanting to do business with Hometown Entertainment are curious about me and my business.

I am Billie Boyd, a retired veterinarian. I have a friend that is a computer genius. He wanted to start a Wisp (wireless internet service provider) a few years back. That was in 2006. Somehow the wisp led into selling and installing DirecTV then Satellite then Dish and before you knew it we were no longer Skywave Communications, we had become Hometown Entertainment because we did it all!

I also own/buy/sell real estate. I do business under my GA corporate name S & B Property, LLC. My DBA is Hometown Entertainment. I have been incorporated since 1995.

I have been selling gotw3 for a year and I am sad to say that I give up. I am not a quitter but enough is enough. The lack of communication is the absolute worse treatment a company can do to its customers. Then the audacity to put up a new website bragging about their “30,000 happy customers”. That was probably the fiinal straw.

During all this trouble with Gotw3, I have been faithful to the company, I have never bad mouthed them and I have even sold a few more units even though it went against my better judgement. As things got worse, I started looking for another internet service provider for us folks that live out there. I have seen multiple companies mentioned in the facebook group I have, GotW3 Resources so I decided to become my own dealer.    

My company, Hometown Entertainment, is now offering AT&T and Verizon with T-mobile to be added soon. We have great plans and great prices so feel free to check us out.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us.