Internet For Everyone, Everywhere

4g delivers unlimited data in small towns, rural areas and it goes where you do.

Get Connected.  Stay Connected.  Where you Live. Where you work.  Where you go.

No Contract

No Credit

Low Start Up Cost

Nationwide Coverage

How It Works.

Using the latest cellular technology, we provide truly high-speed wireless internet to virtually every corner of the country.

Choose your GB

Get the data your need without usage based throttling or high-speed data caps

4G LTE Speed

Super Fast LTE speeds for browsing, steaming and downloading

Minimal Latecny

Minimal latency response times for quick connecting and less waiting

Wi-Fi Everywhere

Wi-fi coverage for the whole house and multiple devices

Cell Towers

Our hotspots and routers connect to the nearby cellular towers, providing the device its LTE data connection.


Our Unlimitedville hotspots and routers connect to the nearby cellular towers, providing the device its LTE data connection.


Our devices broadcast a high-speed Wi-Fi signal to all your home and office devices such as laptops, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more!

7 Day, No Risk, Money-Back Guarantee

‘Unlimited’ sound too good to be true? Try it risk-free and see for yourself.


Got Questions?  We have answers.

The Basics

How does this Internet work? I called and was told I cannot get internet.

Internet is data.  Cell towers broadcast data.  You know how on your phone you get talk, text and data?  This is the data portion of the providers.  We provide the equipment necessary to access this data for unlimited internet at home, work or on the go.


Our plans require no contract, and no credit checks! Yes, these are month to month plans. Each payment pre-pays for your next 30 days of service.  You may cancel your subscription at anytime by simply returning your device. Monthly charges will continue until the device has been received. Additionally, our 7-Day Money Back Guarantee allows you to try our service at No Risk! If the service does not meet your needs in any way, simply return the device for a complete refund of your order less shipping. 

How do I order? Is it secure?

Click on any of the buy now buttons.  You will be taken to a form to fill out.  The form is sent to one of our team and they will be in contact.  You will receive an invoice that will include your intitial fees.  Once the invoice is paid, your equipment will ship.

Remember, there is a 7 day guarantee.  The guarantee does not start until after you receive the equipment.

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Open Hours

M-F: 8am – 6pm, S-S, 9am – 1pm