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Please check out our coverage maps below before selecting membership plan.

Due to supply chain issues, you will be directed to an information page.  Fill  out the form and a real live person will complete your order within 24 hours and verify the availabilty of the service and the equipment and  send you an email and  an invoice for payment

Blue 500 gb Soft Cap Plan
Blue Ultra 5g Unlimited Plan
Blue Basic Bring Your Device
Pink Unlimited Plan
Red Unlimited w/ Soft Cap Plan
Red ELITE 5G Ultraband Unlimited Plan

OnDemand TV, Movies, Series

$99 to $129
$29 to $125
$129 / No Contract
$159 / No Contract
$129 / No Contract
$109 / No Contract
$129 / No Contract
$159 / No Contract
$74.99 to $99.99 / No Contract
Initial Cost
$129 + equip
$408 + tax
$408 + tax
Service + Equip

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Check the coverage maps.

We believe everyone should have access to fast and reliable internet, even if they live in a rural area. That’s why we’ve committed to providing internet service for those overlooked by the large internet service providers.

*Bring your own device (BYOD). Your device must be approved before usage.  It must be a 4G LTE router with SIM card slot. Not all plans are compatibly for BYOD. LLC. Although most plans are compatible with any router, select plans require specifically compatible devices.  

Internet speed is depending on the area of service. Speed can range from 1 mbps to 150 mbps. Proximity to cellular towers, router quality  as well as router location are the biggest factors in speeds. There are solutions for poor signal including Yagi Directional Antennas that can optimize speeds for your home internet. 90% of the time, slow speeds can be increased dramatically with the use of an antenna. It is important to note, that our service is dependent on ATT radio bands, T-Mobile radio bands, and Verizon radio bands. Generally, plans do not vary much on speed, but in some cases of our rural clients, it can make a difference. We are dedicated to helping you find the BEST plan for you, regardless of the price. 

Truly unlimited, unthrottled internet does not exist in the United States. All providers have a cap of some sort.  Our plans, if listed as unlimited, normally have no issues until over a terabyte of data has been used.  If you are using that much data, you need to discuss a business plan with us. 

Hometown is dedicated to customer satisfaction and consistant service.  Our pricing is based off of the national industry standard. We provide excellent customer service  and we anwer the phone 7 days a week. We care about our retaining you as a customer!

Speeds for all plans will typically be 10-50+ mbps, but can vary based on network traffic and geographic location

Equipment is shipped via priority mail. 2-day express mail is available for an additional $15.

Our lines are subject to carrier approval. We are not responsible for any line termination, network management, or data abuse policies implemented by the carriers.