WG-3526 Router Set up

wg 3526 modem router - wg3526

Your device is programmed and ready to use.  The sim card is already inserted.

Match the antenna to the ports. The antenna have numbers on them, match them to the ports on the router.  Make sure they are screwed on snugly but do not over tighten.   The large paddle antennas go on either end ( if provided).

The router does not have a power switch.  To “turn it on” you plug it in.  It takes a few minutes for the router to completely boot up.  After plugging in, wait at least 5 to 7 minutes.  Once fully booted, you will see two services in the wi-fi list on your device.   Wi-fi 2 and wi-fi 5.   Wi-fi 2 is the stronger signal.

The password for the wi-fi is qwerty7890 and is case sensitive.

The router will normally provide wi-fi for a 2500 square foot house/building.  It should be placed near a window on the outside wall of the house.  Preferably on the side of the house where a cell tower (if known) is located.  If one location does not work, try a different spot in the house.   The center of the house is not normally the best location even though it is thought that central location will provide better coverage.